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                Marketing Hotline: 4000717037
                Tel:+86-717-3226153 / 3223663
                Contact: Mr. Luo Shengming
              Mobile: 13997667388
                Contact: Mrs.zhen
              Production management  
                    We have established standard production plants in our company, and employed full-time staffs to control the daily operation, and every procedure must be in accordance with the operational regulations strictly. Therefore, we are able to produce quality products safely.
              Quality monitoring  

              We got the certificate of ISO9001:2008 quality system
              We have built a world-class laboratory, which is well equipped with all kinds of leading instruments and equipment such as HPLC, thin layer chromatography scanner, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, atomic flame spectrophotometer, GC and so on. Now, we are able to control and monitor every procedure of production.

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